Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Follow Hard

Follow hard after Jesus
You humble man of God
Stand without blame
Clean with no shame
Take up your own staff and rod.

Follow hard after Jesus
And don garments of praise
God has a plan 
He calls you God’s man
Your job is heaven to raise.

No turning back, no turning back
For Jesus provides all you lack
Overcome if you dare
By the blood  you can bear
More than anything  this world can hack.

Follow hard after Jesus
And His righteous image pursue
Be done with sin
The victory win
For His power’s invested in you.

Stop drop and roll
When the fire takes your soul
And give Christ control  as you live
For in living there’s dying
Self and flesh crucifying
Your all on the altar to give

So go without knowing 
That is my advice
Let this be your boast
You love your God most
And find God gives  grace beyond price.

Anthony Foster
December 14, 2021


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