Friday, December 31, 2021

Homeward Bound

It’s a long long night on the road to somewhere
Destinations are not fixed in stone
Sometimes the dawn brings detours and other times a dare
But the journey wasn’t meant to be travelled alone

There are shadows up around the bend
And the twilight can obscure its end
As we traverse on a questionable quest
There are vistas beyond what we can see
Adventures on this trajectory
Where a wandering heart is startled as it’s blessed
And soon you’ll be homeward bound to take your rest

Every  tenacious  pilgrim who perseveres thru pain
And finds joy in the journey as they roam
Will come to realize that all their loss can become gain
When the winding path turns him back toward home

Though droughts within your spirit you may navigate
And storms and floods of fantasy  you contemplate
Here where trials and rejoicing interplay
There a flame and fire your path will light
As you walk by faith and not by sight
When by grace from your self-made plans you stray
You are homeward bound upon the living way.

December 31, 2021
Anthony Foster

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