Sunday, April 23, 2023

God Help Us

God help the orphan and the child that is abused

God help the single Mom who is bereft and confused

God help the poor man with his back against the wall

God help us , help us all.

God help the addict with the needle in her arm

God help the raging man who wants to do some harm

God help the streetwalker who is waiting for a call

God help us, help us all


God help the man who is wise in his own eyes

God help the prideful pagan who does not realize

We are astray and don’t even know it

We live in fear and are too afraid to show it

God help the cancer ridden patient in his pain

God help the madman who is going quite insane

God help the victims of the rampage at the mall

God help us, help us all

God help the divorcee who was betrayed and left alone

God help the hypocrite suffering from seeds he’s sown

God help the high and mighty facing their downfall 

God help us, help us all

God help us, help us all

God help us, help us all

April 10, 2023

Anthony Foster

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