Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Feed the Fire

Ignite me with your searing power
Set me ablaze in this dark hour
Like a flaming torch all shall see
A light that lights eternity

Like a chariot set in motion
Burning with glowing devotion
A heart afire is my desire
So feed the fire you set in me.

Your Spirit rises as I kneel
It sears my soul, it fans my zeal
It's rising high and it's growing
And the truth it now is showing

Everybody needs the light
In my heart it's burning bright
So let the heat climb ever higher
Feed the fire you set in me

With a divine spark we can begin
a fire that kindles in Your wind
We can be infernos of grace
Enough to set the world ablaze

Not by our own ability
But by the Spirit it can be
I will do all that you require
So feed the fire you set in me

Anthony Foster
November 6, 2018

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