Sunday, November 4, 2018

Wonderful Healer

Wonderful healer, work wonders in me
Give me the grace the truth now to see
Wonderful healer, detect my disease
Your diagnosis my struggle shall ease

When I am anxious, speak to me peace
When I am struggling, grant me release

You are the healer, afflicted am I
I pray treat my symptoms or else I may die
There is great comfort in knowing what's wrong
Illness can be cured, and weakness made strong

Yahweh Rapha your name the Word reveals
Yahweh Rapha the Mighty God who heals

Touch me and test me, rout out my sin
Fill me with faith so I can begin

Walking in newness, walking in light
You take my wrongness and set me aright.
Wonderful healer, you have the cure
You save from death and then you make me pure!

Mark 9:24 Exodus 15:26
Anthony Foster
November 4, 2018

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