Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Bad News, Good News

There was a garden where life began-There was a woman and a man
Though blessed by God they soon rebelled-They chose the foolish way to hell.
Now all have sinned and fallen short-We’re all found guilty in God’s court.
Our sin has separated us-From all that's holy, right and just
The Lord in heaven created men-For joy eternal, life with Him
But we have chosen Satan’s path-Our sin deserves God’s holy wrath
This is no fairy tale nor myth-We still rebel and shun God’s gift
There are two paths to eternity-Judgment is sure, we need mercy!

Oh Lord, we need Your wisdom-Oh God we need Your power
We need  to be forgiven-we need mercy every hour.

This is the terrifying news- We have lost all we can lose
Our sinful lives have been condemned-The worth of glory God will defend
His righteous character requires-That sin become fuel for hell’s fires
Eternal wrath the Lord outpours-For  evil will not  be ignored
There are two paths to eternity-But we are blind and cannot see
The darkness hides eternal  views-But there is wonderful good news
God has himself decreed a way-Salvation comes to us this day
The demands of justice are satisfied-No condemnation – for Christ has died.

The wisdom of God has ordained a way -for the love of God our souls to save
From the wrath of God-without compromise of the justice of God- Our God is wise!

And so we preach Christ crucified-In God’s wise mercy Christ has died
He bore our sin upon a tree; A substitute for you and me
He took our sins into that grave-And rose again mighty to save!
Jesus arose as living proof-of the Gospel's power and truth
The Holy Spirit now resides-Christ and the Father will abide
In obedient hearts God comes to dwell, and will destroy the works of hell.
Forevermore before the throne, forevermore this is our home
This is Good News you can receive- this more sure word you  can believe!

Oh praise God for His wisdom-Oh praise God for his power
The cross is our atonement-And mercy every hour.

October 9, 2018
Anthony Foster

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