Thursday, October 11, 2018

Just is the Lord!

Just is the Lord! We are justified.
In Christ our Sin was crucified,
And so God's wrath was satisfied.
Now to our souls is the blood applied!

Just is the Lord! He is wholly just!
Now in His righteousness we trust,
For on the Lamb our Sin was thrust.
Now in God's sight we are justified!

Just is the Lord! All of Sin's penalty
Was placed on the lamb instead of me
And by His death we are set free
For now Sin's power is nullified!

Just is the Lord! Now we stand forgiven!
The forsaken Son  the veil has riven;
A place for us is made in heaven.
Now in Gods sight we are justified!

Just is the Lord!  For we now own
The righteousness of Christ alone;
For all our sins Christ has atoned.
Our  Judge declares us justified!

To the tune of Just as I Am
October 11, 2018
Anthony Foster

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