Monday, October 15, 2018

Light of the Word

When the darkness pervades your vision
When the depths of despair would hold sway
When your doubts cloud your power of decision
Let the light drive the darkness away

When we walk in the light of the Savior
We will see where the paths truly lay
One is winding and steep
One, straight, narrow and deep
But His light will show you the right way.

When the dark night of the soul assails you
When you’re lonely and left in your fear
The bright lamp of His Word never fails you
'Twill illumine your soul if you hear

For the Word is a light to our pathway
And the Word is a lamp to our feet
And the last and best Word
That the heart’s ever heard
Is God’s light that is full and complete

For the light of the world is our Jesus
And His glory shines over the deep
It’s the light of the world that now frees us
To walk joyfully though we may weep

Yes the light overcomes every dark place
And the light lights the bright, living way
It casts out all deceit,
It has not known defeat
We see clearly God’s truth on display
For our dayspring will light up our day
For the Light is the truth life and way.

Psalm 119:105, John 1:1-17, 1 John 3
October 15, 2018
Anthony Foster

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