Sunday, October 7, 2018

Seeing Jesus

When the people I meet encounter me
When my family looks at me what do they see?
When I respond to my enemies
Are they seeing Jesus?

When I react to tests and to trials
When by men I have been reviled
Do I show grace or act like a child?
Are they seeing Jesus?

With Jesus indwelling I can do all things
Every threat I can overcome
Will I obey or go my own way OR will I obey
Until the victory is won?

If Jesus is is living in me I'm reborn
To His image I'm to be conformed
If I truly know him
Then I will show him
In fair weather or in storms

Is Jesus revealed as I am viewed
In my actions and attitudes
What will the evidence conclude
Are you seeing Jesus?

Do I work out what He works in
Will I overcome temptations and sin
Will I look like my Savior or stay as I've been?
Till you are seeing Jesus...

October 6, 2018
Anthony Foster

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