Sunday, July 15, 2018

In Christ We Make Our Boast

Christ and his cross is all our boast
The myst'ries that we speak
Are scandal to the worldy wise
But give strength to the weak

But souls enlightened from above
With joy receive the word;
They see what wisdom, power, and love
Shine in their dying Lord.

The vital savor of his name
Restores their fainting breath;
But unbelief perverts the same
To guilt, despair, and death.

Till God diffuse his graces down,
Like showers of heav'nly rain,
In vain the sower sows the ground,
And preachers plant in vain.

But in the power of the cross
The Spirit works with might
So renewed minds and redeemed souls
Now walk within the light.

So in the cross we make our boast
And embrace the scandalon
We weak ones shall mount up with wings
Till our work on earth is done.

Anthony Foster
After Isaac Watts
July 13, 2018

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