Friday, July 20, 2018

The Name

In Jesus we behold
The Father's glorious face,
Our Savior who shall keep His own
With mild and lovely grace
The eternal God's eternal Son
Inherits and partakes the throne.

The sovereign King of kings,
The Lord of lords most high,
Writes his own name upon
His garment and his thigh:
His name is called The Word of God;
He rules the earth with His iron rod.

Behold the holy Lamb of God
Who stricken down now stands
He seals or opens every seal
With His own nail-scarred hands
And now the lion of Judah
Roars with a Holy Rage
At sin and degradation
And fully pays Sin’s wage.

But when for works of righteous peace
The great Redeemer comes,
What lovingkindness is released
The Great I AM becomes
Light of the world, and Life of men;
He shall not bear those names in vain.

Immense compassion reigns
In our Immanuel's heart,
He pleads our case and takes our pain
A Mediator's part:
He is a Friend and Brother too;
Divinely kind, divinely true.

At length the Lord the Righteous Judge
His awful throne ascends,
The Christ shall drive the rebels far
From favorites and friends:
Then shall the saints completely prove
The heights and depths of all his love.

God the Father raised him up
to highest honor and greatest fame
and gave to him the name
above all other names,
that at the name of Jesus
every knee should bow,
and every tongue confess
that Christ is Lord here and now

To the glory of God the Father.
To the Glory of God the Son
To the glory of God the Spirit
These are the Three in One.

Anthony Foster
After Isaac Watts
July 18, 2018

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