Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Gospel

New-born babes their milk desire,
To feed, and grow, and thrive;
So saints the Gospel shall require,
And by the Gospel live.
With great delight their heart approves
All that the Word relates;
They love the men their Father loves,
And hate the works he hates.
And hate the works he hates.

The Gospel’s uncorrupting seed,
Abides and reigns within;
The wondrous work of Christ has freed
The sons of God from Sin.
So now our satisfaction
Is found within His will
Jars of clay are spurred to action
And by glory we are filled
By glory we are filled!

Not all the traps that tempters lay
Shall bind our souls to sin
Faith, like a conqueror, will that day
A thousand victories win!
We find access at every hour
To God within the veil;
Hence they derive a quick'ning power,
And joys that never fail.
And joys that never fail.

Anthony Foster
After Isaac Watts
July 8, 2018

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