Friday, July 20, 2018

Lord Adonai

The majesties of Adonai
The name above all names
Beyond all beauties he reigns
From age to age the same
The glories of our Adonai
Lift us to heights above
He shelters us with holy wings
and showers us with love

The wondrous name above all other names we praise
We bow our knees and with or hearts and tongues proclaim
The excellence and marvels of the Ancient of Days
The Alpha and Omega, Adonai is His name.

He is the King and Kurios
The Warrior who rules
We stand within His unseen light
Though the world may call us fools
Standing on a Rock we cannot see
But with faith’s eyes we behold
The radiance and the power
Of the Anchor of our souls

Lord Adonai we lift your name
Lord Adonai the earth trembles at the sound of your word
The rocks and hills cry out if we were silent
But we shall not be silent
We shall not be silent
They shall have to overpower our praises to be heard.
Lord Adonai, Lord Adonai, Lord Adonai!

Anthony Foster
July 19, 2018

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