Thursday, August 2, 2018

Morning Dawn

I woke up this morning and met with my Lord
But more than my body, my mind shook awake
And driven to my knees I cried out to him there
To forgive my sins for His own name’s sake

And just like the dawning I rose with new light
I felt his arms ‘round me there, holding me tight
Forgiven and pardoned, washed clean in His sight
Confession is good for the soul
Confession is making me whole

So when I’m convicted, convinced of my sin
I go to my Father and before Him I grieve
He lovingly looks in my eyes and my heart
And faithfully restores to me what I believe.

And just like the dawning of light in my soul
The work of the firstfruits is making me whole
I'll obey Father and yield to His control
I'll fall to my knees and I'll pray
And Father will take guilt away.

Now there's no condemnation in the beloved
If we confess God is faithful and just
Our sin is forgiven and we will be cleansed
If we hate sin and in Christ we trust.

And just like the morning that casts out the night
My Father is just while He's making me right
And there in my soul His fire is kindled bright
Forgiveness is what I desire
Confession is what is required.

Anthony Foster
August 2, 2018

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