Monday, August 13, 2018

The Throne

The whole creation join as one,
To bless the Great I Am
The One who sits upon the throne,
And to adore the Lamb.
His name is called Ancient of Days
Worthy of all honor and praise

Who dares refuse to fear thy name,
Or worship at thy throne?
Thy judgments speak thine holiness
Through all the nations known.
His name is called the Judge of men
His righteous rulings none defend.

Jesus, we bless thy Father's name;
Who is from age to age the same;
What heav'nly blessings from his throne
Flow down to sinners through his Son!
His name is called Immanuel
With us evermore to dwell.

Jesus, Son of God, shall sit
High on his father David's throne;
Shall crush his foes beneath his feet,
And reign to ages yet unknown.
He shall be called Messiah King
The ruler over everything.

The sovereign King of kings,
The Lord of lords most high,
Writes his own name upon
His garment and his thigh:
His name is called The Word of God;
He rules the earth with iron rod.

And now may we, His children dear
Boldly approach the throne of grace
His beloved bride he draws us near
That we may worship face to face
His name is called the Church's head
And by his hand our souls are fed.

Now we approach a spotless God,
And bow before his throne
Our instruments and sacred songs
Rehearse the faithfulness we’ve known
His Name is called Lord Adonai
Now lifted high and glorified.

After Isaac Watts
Anthony Foster
August 12, 2018

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