Monday, June 25, 2018

Stand Firm

Stand firm against the assault of the world
Stand firm when the accusers arrows are hurled
Put on the Truth and the righteous breastplate
Stand firm in the presence of glorious grace

When the sands of the culture are shifting, stand firm
When you’re swayed by the burden you’re lifting, Stand firm
When  Life goes astray from the ways that you planned
When the oceans of doubt encompass the land
When you’re sure that you’ll fail under all the demands Stand firm

This is a Rock that is secure
This is the solid Rock that endures
This is a Rock where your can plant your feet
Where your footsteps are firm and you’ll never retreat 
With your roots in the rock you can always be sure… stand firm!

A Rock of Refuge in the deluge
That offends the worldly-wise
An everlasting solid place
Where there’s no compromise

When the people on which you depend bail, stand firm
When the strategies constructed by men fail, stand firm
For there is a Rock that is higher than you
A  sure place to stand that is steadfast and true
Here you will persist in all that you do, stand firm.
Stand firm, stand firm, stand firm, stand firm

Anthony Foster
June 25, 2018

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